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Pet Camping Gear: A Guide To Camping With Your Pet

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Spring is coming which means you can spend more time outside — and more time camping. Just think about the feeling you get when you find the perfect spot to pitch your tent and watch the sunset as you roast marshmallows over a fire.

The only thing missing from that picture is your pet!

If you want to bring your pet camping, the most important thing is to make sure you have everything they need. Follow this guide from Bugout to make sure you don’t miss any vital pet camping gear, and make the most of your next camping trip!

Visit Their Vet

Before you go, make sure your pet is up-to-date on everything, including flea and tick prevention. You don’t want your pet to bring home any surprise guests.

Find A Pet-Friendly Campsite

Not all parks and camping areas are pet-friendly. Before you show up with your pet in tow, make sure you’re choosing a pet-friendly place!

The opposite of this is true! If you’ve found a pet-friendly area, make sure you respect the space as well. Keep your pet close and don’t let them wander into other campsites. This respects your neighbors and keeps your pet safe.

Pack The Essentials

Since you’re out camping, you want to make sure you’ve thought of all the pet camping gear your furry friend might need.

Food And Water Bowls

Make sure your pet has plenty of water to keep them hydrated throughout the day. But what happens when you leave your campsite to go hiking? If you bring a Bugout pet feeder station, the water creates a moat around the food, keeping ants and unwanted pests out.

If you’re in an area with bears or larger animals, make sure you put the food away or keep your pet’s food and water bowls away from your tent and cooler.

Stake And Lead

Use a stake and lead to keep your pet tethered to your campsite. A reflective leash or a light that flashes will help you and others keep track of your pet.

Towels And Blankets Galore

If it rains or if your pet decides to take a dip in a nearby river, you want to make sure you can help them dry off. Summer nights can get chilly, so pack extra blankets to keep you and your pet warm.

Bring Toys

While you might enjoy the scenic view and the smell of campfire, bring your furry friend some entertainment — like their favorite squeaky toy or a tug-of-war rope for mid-afternoon games.

Prepare For Emergencies

Plan ahead for any possible problems. Make sure that:

  • Your dog has an ID tag with up-to-date information
  • Your dog is microchipped, just in case they get lost
  • Tweezers or tools for removing a tick or thorns
  • Boots if your dog will be walking on rough, uneven ground
  • First aid information about treating pets for different injuries, like bee stings or snake bites

While you never want something bad to happen, it’s always better to feel prepared.

Shop For Pet Camping Gear With Bugout

Make sure you follow these tips and bring all the pet camping gear you need for your next trip. Taking time to pre-plan ensures that you can enjoy your trip once you’re there.

At Bugout, we know how frustrating ants can be in your pet’s food and water bowls. That’s why we’ve designed our Bugout pet feeder station to help keep your furry friend’s food safe. Order one today and be ready for your next camping trip!