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How To Choose The Right Food For Your Dog

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When you first get a dog, there seems to be a never-ending laundry list of things to do:

  • Buy a dog tag
  • Find the softest dog bed
  • Get the right leash
  • Potty train/house train/all-around train`
  • Starting a weekly (or daily) walking schedule
  • Get used to early morning snuggles
  • Pick the right dog bowl, toys, dog bandanas, and treats

But one of the most important elements is choosing dog food that gives your dog a well-balanced diet and fits any health needs.

At Bugout, we know how important choosing the right food is. That’s why we’ve made a list of things to consider when shopping for food. And once you narrow down your choices, keep your dog’s food protected with our ant-proof dog bowl. Your dog’s water creates a moat around the food bowl, making this a truly ant-proof dog bowl.

Searching For The Right Dog Food

Don’t just buy the first bag of dog food you see! Instead, here are some things to consider when searching for the right food for your best pooch.

Read The Label

There is a lot of discussion on whether dogs are carnivores or omnivores. Regardless, we know that dogs love their meat, but they are also able to digest different plant materials. This means that their food can include a balance of animal and plant proteins.

If you know what specific nutritional needs your dog’s dogs food should have, check the label to find food that meets those needs. If you are looking for a balanced food, look for dog food that says “complete and balanced.” The foods meet requirements from the Associations of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), including:

  • Nutrients necessary for dogs
  • Minimum amounts of crude protein and fat
  • Maximum amounts of water and crude fiber

Think About Your Dog Size

Both small and big dogs need different types of nutrients.

For example, large breeds are more prone to musculoskeletal problems, so they need food that promotes musculoskeletal health.

Small dogs are more prone to choking on larger kibble pieces, so smaller-sized food is easier for them to eat and digest.

The nutrients required also varies for puppies. Since they are still developing, they need different nutrients in their food to help them grow.

Wet Food

Does your dog need wet food? While more expensive, wet food might be an option for picky dogs to encourage them to eat. Canned food can also contain higher amounts of fresh meat, poultry, and grain proteins to help your dog’s diet.

If your dog has other health problems, your vet might recommend wet food to help their stomach or teeth.

Research The Brand

Some brands of dog food are better than others. If you’re going for the cheapest brand, you might be compromising on natural and balanced ingredients. If you haven’t heard about a brand of dog food, ask your vet if they have. Do some research to make sure you’re giving your dog the best food for them!

Ask Your Vet For Advice

When it comes down to it, your vet is the expert. Let them know what your price range is and ask what food they would recommend. They can help you consider different things, like your dog’s weight, age, breed, and size.

Get An Ant-Proof Dog Bowl From Bugout

If you’re picking the best food for your pet, make sure they’re getting the best feeder too! When you choose an ant-proof dog bowl from Bugout, you get a multipurpose feeding station that keeps ants and other critters from crawling over your dog’s food.

Watch as the water creates a moat around the food, letting your dog save some food for later or enjoy a beautiful meal outside. Pamper your dog with an ant-proof dog bowl worthy of their food!