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The smart feeder for your loving pets

Fresh food, fresh water, no ants


What Is A Bugout Feeder?

It started with Frank, my beloved dog. Frank had ants in his outdoor bowl and crawling all over his food. I had to find a solution, and I created Bugout.


Since then, 20,000 Bugouts have been sold.  I have Frank to thank for it.


The Bugout pet feeding station was developed by John Newman a pet owner, as an answer to the problem of crawling insects invading pet food. Any pets like cats or dogs that eat off the ground can be impacted by this problem.
Dog and Cat Bugout

Watch How It Works

What Makes it So Unique

Water bottle delivers a constantly refreshed water supply to your pet feeding station. Can be used indoors or outdoors.



Why Should You Purchase This?

Our pet feeders are built to last. We offer a lifetime replacement warranty. If your feeder breaks or leaks or is worn to bits, just give us a call and get an authorization number. Send back your current bugout pet feeding station and we will send you out a new one. All you have to pay for is the delivery charge. Keep those pesky bugs out of your pets food today!

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